Scottish Court Service

Our client, the Scottish Court Service, required a large number of qualified and experienced Slovak interpreters for a particularly high profile case. Due to the nature of the case and the conditions of our contract with the client, the interpreters had to be experienced court interpreters and hold the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting. In addition to this, interpreters who had previously been involved in this case at the preliminary police appointments could not then be used for court purposes as they would be cited as witnesses in the case.

As a result of this activity, the pool of suitable interpreters in the area quickly depleted although the case was continuing and interpreters were required for various witnesses throughout the case.

Through our connections with the Chartered Institute of Linguists, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and our network of interpreters throughout the UK, we were able to source qualified interpreters from elsewhere and arrange the travel and accommodation arrangements with the client resulting in no disruption to the case or alteration to the client’s requirements.


Sainted Media

Sainted Media, an Edinburgh based Production company required text to be translated into fourteen different languages for a mobile phone treasure hunt app to be used during the Edinburgh Festival highlighting points to note in the city and offering rewards to visit some of the local attractions.

Due to the commencement of the Festival approaching, this project had to be completed quickly, effectively and without errors and the addition of two more languages made this assignment even more of a priority and a challenge..

The quality of every translation project is managed by our Project Management Team through rigorous quality control procedures. The Project Management team are degree educated linguists, experienced translators and speak one or more languages other than their mother-tongue.

The Project Manager assigned to this particular request maintained regular contact to the client to ensure that all requirements were met, including deadlines for delivery, and the project remained within their budget. The Project Manager also requested relevant reference material from the client and facilitated conversations between the Translators and the client to ensure consistency in style, formatting and vocabulary throughout the various languages.


Highland Council

Although we supply services under contract with the Highland Council, conference interpreting is not part of this provision, however the European Unit within the Highland Council were hosting the Euromontana Conference: Sustainable Active Tourism, Mountain Communities Leading Europe in Finding Innovative Solutions and required some assistance with the interpreting element.

The conference was taking place over two days and interpretation services were required for 60% of the delegation. Although the Council chamber was equipped with a booth, this was not sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the event.

Global Language Services Ltd, using their links with specialist organisations in the industry, were able to source the Inforport equipment required to facilitate the conference and also assign qualified French conference interpreters with experience of using such equipment and incorporate this into an all inclusive price that the Highland Council could include in their conference budget.

By maintaining a dialogue with the Highland Council throughout the project, Global Language Services Ltd were able to arrange the equipment to be delivered to site prior to the conference and provide the interpreters with a full programme of events for the conference to allow them to prepare in advance.

As a result of the success of this particular project, we have since worked with other councils on a number of conferences and provided this service in a number of languages.

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