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You can’t always know when you’ll need an Interpreter. Unexpected events can trigger a need for several interpreters at the same time. Interpreters may be needed in the middle of the night, on New Year’s Day and sometimes in very remote places.

Global Language Services Ltd offers services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year that ensure we can respond to your interpreting needs, whenever they arise. Our interpreters are professional and friendly, experienced in face-to-face and telephone interpreting across a wide variety of sectors.

Our database contains specialist linguists with experience in various subject areas including legal, medical or technical who have been trained and hold mandatory qualifications such as the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting and have been vetted by Disclosure Scotland.

Local Demand/Local Supply Policy

Wherever possible, Global will provide you with an interpreter who is local to the job in question. With interpreters based throughout Scotland, most requirements can be met locally – and in the shortest times. Occasionally, for specialist work – or an uncommon language – we may have to source further afield.

Types of Support Available from Global Language Services Ltd

Consecutive / One to One

This describes the situation where the interpreter listens to his or her client then relays what has been said, using the language required by a third party. The interpreter is trained in ‘pacing’ the conversation, so that breaks occur at points that will aid understanding.

All interpreters are bound by the company’s Confidentiality Agreement. The service is commonly used for medical appointments, solicitors meetings and where verbal explanations are necessary directly to the client.

Simultaneous Interpreting / Conference

Simultaneous Interpreting requires the highest level of skill from an interpreter as there can be no room for error or hesitancy. Using a headset and microphone, the interpreter becomes a ‘conduit’ for conveying the spoken words from the originating language of the client in next to ‘real time’. This is especially useful in conference situations.

Tele Conference

Our office based interpreter can be linked to your client and yourself using conference call technology, allowing a consecutive conversation to take place over the phone.


Global Language Services Ltd can provide an interpreter to accompany groups of non-English-speaking visitors as they travel between venues or take part in site visits or factory inspections.

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