Pre-Study Courses in English

Growing interest in pursuing academic study at a UK University or College has increased the demand for ‘pre-study’ courses in English. These are designed to provide students with the English Language tools that will aid their understanding of the subjects they have come to study.

In line with this, Global Language Services Ltd provides high-quality, short courses in English Language. The main benefits of these courses include:

Professional Tuition.

All tutors are experienced, qualified and native to the area.

One to One Tuition and Small Group Participation.

As these courses are intense, the best results are to be gained when the tuition is set in small groups, with one-to-one support. Global Language Services Ltd can accommodate these sessions in its own classrooms or deliver the materials at alternative venues, if required.

Business/Technical English Courses.

Very often, specific vocabulary may be required for Legal, Medical, Business, Academic, Marketing and General business purposes. This requirement can be accommodated in tailored short courses run at customers’ premises, or our own.

Certified Programmes, for example IELTS, Cambridge University, Trinity University and SQA

If you are thinking of coming to study in the UK – or you are at University or College looking for additional ‘pre-study’ support in English for overseas students – we’d be happy to hear from you.
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