Marketing is changing and so is the media that accompanies it. Social media, blogs, podcasts, e-books and ‘whitepapers’ are fast becoming vital tools in the development of ‘inbound marketing’ campaigns. What they all have in common is that they use language to inform, educate and ultimately persuade customers to use their services.

Website Localization

If you’re doing business in parts of the world where English is not the first language then having a version of your website, that is language appropriate and culturally relevant is essential.

Translation of the content on your website is not enough. You need to understand the culture of the country, the types of browsers that will be used to view your website and the legislation governing what you can and cannot say in a particular region.

Global Language Services Ltd can project manage your Website Localization requirements from start to finish. Translation of content, website design changes and deployment strategies can all be provided efficiently with a dedicated account handler as your individual point of contact.

A team of specialists, working together, take care of the translation, cultural and technical issues that will present themselves in the course of a Website Localization project.

Voiceover & Transcription

By working with our partner Wav Lab, we can provide high quality multilingual voiceover recording and production services through effective project management, even for projects with complicated specifications or strict deadlines.

The partnership with Wav Lab allows us to offer customers one point of contact for all their media needs which provides efficiencies on both cost and time and provides the opportunity to offer attractive discounts for a group of projects or languages.

Transcription is the process of representing what is said in written format. It can also be the process of turning audio or video into text to be translated. We offer high quality and accurate transcription services of audio and video files.

Solicitors, court officials, police officers and other businesses have benefited from our foreign language transcription services for meetings, conferences, training videos and interviews for many years, and we’ve gained an enviable reputation for speed and quality.

Desktop Publishing and Design for Print

Even with the growth of smart phones, e-readers and tablets, there is still a huge requirement for the printed word. Marketing campaigns, property promotions, event publicity and even support information for hospital patients all need print versions of content.

Global Language Services Ltd is experienced in providing translated materials in appropriate layouts that can be faithfully reproduced in print.

Talk to us about your requirements, projects or ideas. Whatever stage you are at, we can provide you with advice to get you started or budget costs for taking a project forward.

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